Mystery & Suspense writer


The Happiest Days, 1939 (Play)

Ring Around Elizabeth, 1941 (Play)

Lay On Mac Duff, 1942

The Case of the Weird Sisters, 1943

The Innocent Flower, 1945 (also known as 

Death Filled the Glass)

The Unsuspected, 1945

The Chocolate Cobweb, 1948

Mischief, 1951


The Black-Eyed Stranger, 1952

Catch-as-Catch-Can, 1953 (also known as 

Walk Out on Death)

The Trouble in Thor, 1953 ( also known as And Sometimes Death)

The Better to Eat You, 1954 (also known as Murder's Nest)

The Dream Walker, 1955 (also known as Alibi for Murder)

A Dram of Poison, 1956

The Albatross, 1957 (short story collection)

Incident at a Corner, 1957

The Seventeen Widows of San Souci, 1959

The Girl with a Secret, 1959


Something Blue, 1959

Then Came Two Women, 1962

The One-Faced Girl, 1963

The Mark of the Hand, 1963

Who's Been Sitting in My Chair ?, 1963

A Little Less Than Kind, 1964

The Witch's House, 1964

The Turret Room, 1965

Dream of Fair Woman, 1966

I See You, 1966 (short Story Collection)

The Balloon Man, 1968

Lemon in the Basket, 1968

Seven Seats to the Moon, 1969

The Protégé, 1970


Incident at a Corner (Episode of Startime - Director - Alfred Hitchcock)

The Summer Hero, (Episode of The Chevy Mystery Show)

Three Episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents:

                Sybilla (Director - Ida Lupino)

                The Five-Forty-Eight (Adapted from  the John Cheever short story)

                Across the Threshold


 The Unsuspected, 1947

The Three Weird Sisters, 1948 (from the novel The Case of the Weird Sisters)

Talk About a Stranger, 1952 (from the short story, The Enemy)

Don't Bother to Knock, 1952 (from the novel Mischief)

La Rupture, 1970 (from the novel The Balloon Man - Director Claude Chabrol)

The Sitter, 1991 (from the novel Mischief)

Merci Pour Le Chocolat, 2000 (from the novel The Chocolate Cobweb - Director Claude Chabrol)